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Southeast Asia offers almost everywhere prime snorkel destinations. However all snorkeling sites are different from each other and it really depends on your swimming and snorkling skills which one will suit you best. There are destinations for hardcore snorklers who like to do apnea and refuse to get out of the water all day long, intermediate sites for snorklers how want to enjoy a relax swim while observing the tropical reefs and last but not least relaxed family snorkling adventures. Please send a inquiery what kind of snorkler you are and we will find the best choice for you.

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General safety info for all snorklers:

  • Never underestimate the ocean and its power, always carry a floating device with you!
  • Never snorkel alone, specially if you are doing apnea diving
  • Watch and be carefully about boat traffic
  • Always let somebody know that you are in the water and when you will be back
  • Don't drink alcohol or use drugs before you enter the water
  • Ask a pro or local guide if it is safe to enter the water
  • Drink enough water and keep well hydrated to avoid heat related problems
  • Use enough sun lotion and a good sun protection (rashvest or neoprene suit)
  • Don't touch anything or step on coral
  • Carry a signal device with you (whistle)
  • If you get tired or want to rest turn around and lie on your back, face stays well out of the water
  • Don't leave kids unatended or snorkel alone, even if the water is not deep

This few but crucial tips will help you to avoid the main cause of trouble for snorkler that we needed to manage over the years. 

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