Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok Nationalpark

Thailands most pristine and largest rainforest (must see)

Khao Sok National Park is situated only 70 kilometer northeast of Khao Lak and around 100 kilometers from Phuket. Established in 1980 with an area it covers an area of 738.74 square kilometres.

Since the construction of Rachabrapah Dam in 1982 and the formation of the "Artificial Lake", the boundary of the park has been extended to include the reservoir. The reservoir itself covers an area of 165 square kilometers. 

To the west of Khao Sok lies Sri Phang Nga Nationalpark. Lying astride the junction of the provinces of Ranong, Phang Nga and Surat Thani, these reserves make up the largest area of continuous forest preserve in Thailand with 4,000 square kilometers. Only in this rainforests large mammals such as tigers and elephants have survived in the wild.

The Park has a general topographic composition of limestone mountains almost complete covered by tropical forests. The highest limestone peak to find in the park measures 961 meter above sea level, but the average height is 400-600 m. The rainforest at Khao Sok National Park is aproxematly 160 million years old making it one of the oldest on earth.

The flora and fauna at Khao Sok Nationalpark is so rich that it accumulates approximately 200 different floral species per hectare. Recorded species in Wildlife; 48 species in mammals, 188 species of birds, 38 species of bats while the uncountable amount  of reptiles and insects will never be know for sure.

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Insider tips:

  • The "Artificial Lake" at the Rachabrapah Dam is the most scenic part of the Khao Sok Nationalpark and a "must see" destination while in Thailand
  • Diving at the "Articial Lake" is possible, walls, caves and a bizare underwater landscapes awaits you here learn more>>
  • Moskito repealant is necessary, roumors of Dengue Fever transmitted by moskitos has been heared lately
  • Only trust licensed guides and responsible tour operators at these remote forests learn more>>
  • Spent a night at the "Artificial Lake" and one at a rustical tree house in the park.
  • Watch the sunset from the "Reggea Bar" close to the Khao Sok Nationalpark Headoffice while enjoying a beer or cocktail (most stylish jungle bar in Khao Sok)


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