Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

High standart for little money


Thailand offers all around the country still a good price/value for its countless amount of hotels, resorts and guesthouses. Thailand is not anymore a low coast holiday destination such it was 20 years ago. Indeed there is still accomodations for as less than 100 Baht (2 Euro) in Bangkok such as the Ki Ki Ki guesthouse in Khao Son Road, but be warned, you will get what you pay for! 

It is not necessary to travel to Thailand as a package tourist because of the perfect infrastructur this country will offer. Staying in well runned guesthouses or little family own resorts will bring you much closer to experience the "real" life and culture of the Thai people. Worldwide Thailand is the best country to get along with its people because of there natural affection towards the western cultur. Don't miss this opportunity to exchange cultural habits between people.  

The selection of accomodations offered will be the same we would like to stay in ourselfs too. We handpicked this places knowing that it will be a good deal in price and value hendge cleanliness, safety and comfort. 


Backpaker Style & Dorms>>            Low Budget max. 1000 Thb>>            Medium Budget max. 3000 Thb>>            High Budget min. 3000 Thb>>             


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