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The Gulf Of Thailand is a gulf that borders, but is not part of the South China Sea. Bordering Cambodia and Vietnam to the east it's total dimensions are  320000 square kilometers.

The Gulf, comperad with the Andaman Sea is relatively shallow, in an average only 45 meters the deepest points are about 80 meters deep. This cirumstances make the water exchange with the South China Sea very slow and the strong water inflow of rivers from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam lower the salinity and enriches it with sediments. Visibility can be sometimes severe affected!

Ko Samui island lies only a short ride by boat of Surrathani province coast. Travelling from Bangkok the most comfortable way is to fly directly (45 min) to Ko Samui. It is Thailand's third largest island, with an area of almost 230 square kilometer. White sandy beaches surrounded by emerald coloured water and uncountable coconut trees make Ko Samui to one of Thailands premier tourist destinations. Development has been massive throughout the last years and Ko Samui now features several state of the art hospitals, shopping mals and high end real estate and resort facilities. Ko Samui is also famous for its never ending night life especially around Chaweng Beach. 

Ko Tao island lies isolated about 50 kilometer north of Ko Samui. Between both of them Ko Phangan Island is one of the major hangout for backpackers all around the world. Ko Phangan is also the birthplace of the world famouse fullmoon party. In the 30ths Ko Tao accommodates political prisoners from all over Thailand. Ko Tao has many little white sandy beaches around its coastline and its shallow waters makes it perfect for watersport activities.  Ko Tao offers accommodation for backpackers as well as high end  resorts for more  moneyed  visitors.  You can access Ko Tao either by speedboat or ferry from Ko Samui or from close by province towns Surrathani and Chumpon. 

Pattaya is a vibrant city night an day and  a close by top sea side destination for Bangkok inhabitants. Only 165 kilometer away from Bangkok to the east  the anual  amount  of visitors easily tops the 5 million!  The city skyline  is not very  "tropical" such as many condos and hotels has been build aroud the beach. Pattaya has a vast range of activities to offer to its visitors, such as actively taking part in land and sea-based sports and visiting the scores of attractions in and around Pattaya.

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