Virgin Diving in the Union of Myanmar (former Burma)

Shark, Burma Banks
Diving the Burma Banks

The Burma Banks are located around 200 km of coast in the Andaman Sea. Due it remoteness diving at the Burma Banks is only available to experience divers. The Burma Banks are submerged flat top sea mountains with an starting depth of about 15 m before plunging back down into the surrounding 300 m deep waters. Strong currents can be present and advanced drift diving necessary. Beside hard and softcoral covered dive sites, encounters with big sharks such as Silvertip, Bullsharks, White Tip and Black Tip reef sharks are common as they come to feed on large schools of fish seeking shelter at the Banks.

Diving the Mergui Archipelago

Sweetlips, Mergui Archipelago
The Mergui Archipelago consists of about 800 islands close by Burmas west coast. As well as the well knowed Burma Banks it is only accessible by liveaboards heading of Thailand. Diving here is still virgin compared with divesites in neighbouring Thailand. An abundant and amazind underwater world will be waiting to be explored at the  Mergui Archipelago. Some islands have huge boulders, soft corals and sea fans, others offer wall diving, caverns, tunnels and drop-offs. This divesites remained relatively untouched by the passage of time and guarantee almost virgin divesites all along. 


Tips from local dive guides and instructors:

  • Best dive season between December and April, the sea is more calm
  • Best dive season for larger pelagic animals between February to May
  • Only advanced divers!
  • Nitrox highly recommended!
  • This very remote destinations are far away from any hyperbaric medical facility. In case of an emergency long journeys back or expensive evacuations need to be organized to receive proper medical care. A proper dive insurance such as DAN is strongly recommended!
  • Most of all diveguides and dive instrucotrs will rate this divesites better than those in close by Thailand.
  • High Burma entry fees of about 200 - 230 US Dollars to enter the country. 
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