Similan and Surin Marine Park 

Diving the Similan and Surin Island Marine Nationalpark out of a liveaboard is in deed the best choice for this diving destination.

  1. These destination is on its closest spot 65 kilometer away from the shore while doing daytrips to the islands a journey from 130 kilometers has to be beared every diving day (speedboat 80 - 90 minutes per day one way / up to 3 hours by slowboat one way )
  2. It is cheaper, also at the begining it appears more expensive! Keeping in mind that you don't need accommodation and food on the mainland, the marinepark fees are 400 thb each time somebody enters the Similan and Surin Nationalpark this has to added if you are doing daytrips on each single day, but the biggest deal from a liveaboard vessel in fact is the amount of extra dives you can do per day compared with an day excurison. Usually 4 days and 4 nights include up to 14 dives compared with 8 that can be done in 4 daytrips to the islands.
  3. Possibiliy of doing virgin early morning dives before daytrip dive boats arrive and possibility to do night dives as well when the daytrip boats depart!
  4. Simply it is less stressfull, spending quality holiday time at a paradisiacal area at the Andaman Sea.
  5. Meeting and getting in touch with many divers from all around the world that usually visit a liveaboard vessel.
  6. Comfortable cruises, big diving plattforms to gear up, dive zodiacs to help recolect the divers after dives, proper toilet facilities and fresh meals cooked on board

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Burma Banks and Mergui Archipelago

Diving the Burma Banks and Mergui Archipelago is only possible from a liveaboard departuring in Thailand. There is no chance of diving out of Burma!

  1. These remote destination demand good diving skills
  2. A proper dive insurance such as DAN is higly recomended while diving remote dive destinations
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