Asian Diving Vacation has evolved from a handful of Divemasters and Instructors with a combined experience of about two decades in South East Asia. During this time we have been disappointed ourselves and seen disappointment in other divers not getting what they expected. Sometimes mislead by false information or exaggerated promises, sometimes by not finding the most suitable dive sites or facilities we were looking for.

We have chosen the services we promote with the outmost care. We have a good spectrum regarding pricing, we can serve both the most spoiled divers and backpackers alike. However, all the companies we work with never compromise the safety of the divers. To put it simply, we only put our divers in facilities we would like to dive from ourselves!

We guarantee that we will find the most suitable deal for your diving needs while not charging more than the diving facilities themselves, sometimes even less. You only have to send us a few requests and we will take care of the rest, with all the inside information and experience we have you will not regret it! We will get back to you in less than 24 hours. You simply tell us when you are coming to Asia, how much you want to spend and optionally where you want to dive, or you can leave that up to us. We will book the diving, check the flights, book the hotels and arrange whatever other transportation you might need while you simply relax. 

However, some of our partners are in very remote locations, the communications with them might take longer than 24 hours, in that case we will inform you about the perticulars.

Have fun exploring the site, we have tried to compile as much information for you as possible. Especially the blog will have very up to date information of what is going on. If someone sees whale sharks at Richelieu Rock we will let you know the same day. They usually stay around for a week or two, if you book a last minute flight you might be able to catch up with them!

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